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I found the training I received thorough, specific and flexible. I have enjoyed the training received and would recommend it to anyone.
Cameron MacNeill – Trainee

“I selected Halifax Skilled Training because of the complete facilities for the training required to produce competent people for the construction industry.”
John Beal – Trainee

“My company employs numerous staff. I have used Nick in a training capacity to train staff and I in many high risk work qualifications. I have found his knowledge and experience in this industry as a critical part of his ability to train. All of my staff that complete courses comment on the ease of understanding complex tasks when real life experiences are used for training.”
Robert Maratea – Managing Director I.G.M. Industries PTY LTD

“Throughout all of our training our staff has reported to be happy with the knowledge shown by the instructors and also the presentation and facilities. The common conveyance is enjoyable and educational.”
Nick Jokich –Works Manager RTW Steel Fabrication and Construction

“A good sense of practical and onsite experience that you can’t get out of a book. Great training.”
Martin Coffey – Trainee