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Industry Training Since 2009

Providing Expert Skilled Training Since 2009

Nick and Robyn DeMarte established Halifax Crane Hire in 1994 as a family owned and operated business in South West Region, with depots in Bunbury and Collie. With 18 years experience in the business, Nick along with his dedicated staff, has proven that this company is more than able to aspire to any requirement asked of them.

Halifax Crane Hire’s dedication to staff training and their work advancement is testimony to the loyalty of the management and the skills they provide to enhance each and every employee.

With his insight into the industry and foreseeing the lack of experienced trades people, in 2009 Nick became an Accredited Worksafe Assessor. Now along with Halifax Crane Hire, we are proud to offer the services of Halifax skills Training – Registered Training Organsation No 51952 for courses in the high risk category.

In 2013 we have added a 40 and 40 tonne Liebherr  cranes to compliment our existing fleet of 18 cranes which includes Frannas (15, 20, 25 tonne),  Tadanos (30 & 55 tonne) and Liebherrs (40, 50, 70, 130, & 220 tonne).